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Firebird an open source


Firebird is an Open source database under GPL licence.  Official website of firebird wrote “Free Like a BIRD” and “Free like a BEER” 🙂 It is


Want to grab your free bird and beer?



Coming soon…….


Firebird database

Contribute your talent for

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Vital or Viral Development !


Hi Guys,


Have you heard about an Android app?  I hope you certainly did, but how about if you contribute yourself in developing an app.  Confused!


Let me make it clear,  if you are looking for first baby step in developing an Android app then you should try with “What is Android OS?”


Once you understand , there are few books and vast community of Android developer out there, could help you in learning new skills of developing Apps.

You can download SDK on


This is online developer blogs and forum discussion for developers.  For example,  There is an example of Hello world application on web.


I hope it can help you for basic baby steps in bright Android apps market.


Best of luck


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Last days in Oz


Hi guys,


I am going back, few more days in Aus and will be at home.  I am going to miss you and Gold coast.



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